La Collina Farm

Ours is a young and dynamic business, born to create us an opportunity.
Only one philosophy in our mind:
focus on the genuineness and quality of the products.
The first step towards the creation of our farm was to re-qualify the hill using utensils and manual
tools only (pick, hoe, rake, shovel and as our fuel: elbow grease).

At the beginning of this adventure some people called us “crazy”, considering our goal as

Today, after some years from the start, in 2011, our efforts are starting to pay off.
On the hill there are numerous fruit plants (peaches, apricots, plums, apples, peras, grapes, …)
and even more berry plants (strawberries, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries).

At the bottom of the hill and in another field we own, we grow vegetables, instead.
Our fields were initially open, and later we partially covered them with five greenhouses.
As you can imagine, in our farm we grow only seasonal products.
To support our philosophy of genuineness and quality we guarantee the exclusive use of natural

Our second step was taking part in our zone’s agricultural markets, but we soon realized more was
needed to grow bigger and in the right way. On june 15th, 2013, we have opened the first “Bottega
Italiana di Campagna Amica” in the Como province, taking an old furniture depot near to the hill,
and turning it into our sales point.

What is characteristic about our sales point, besides fresh fruit and vegetables daily picked, or
even at the moment directly in the field, is the possibility to buy many goods of other farms, all
exclusively Italian (cheese, cured meats, wines, cereals, honey, rice, etc…).

Our current collaborations are mostly with the Valtellina, the Cremona and Pavia areas, and Emilia

We don’t only grow fruit and vegetables, but we also have preserves, sauces, fruit juices and
jams, all realized with our own products.

We obtained a lot of satisfaction in the past few years, and the fact that we started from nothing
makes us even more proud of what we have built so far.

Our projects for the future? We still have many ideas that we hope to realize, with time, always
according to our philosophy: genuineness and quality of our products!

Francesco Minotti
Founder La Collina

The Team

Francesco, Martina and the staff looks forward to seeing you in Mariano Comense, via San Dionigi,